The Blackeyed Banditz
Bandfoto: The Blackeyed Banditz

the Blackeyed Banditz

guess what…..we’re the band….

The Blackeyed Banditz exist for one reason and one reason only:

To give world the drive it needz!

Formed in 2014, the boyz play “the loud shows” with former Artist MUTZ eversince.

“Mr. Tony F. Mulkes” (1rst Guitar)

Sir Sören “the Blacksmith”(Bass)

Dr. Knigg “the Knack” (Drums)

Tobi B. “the Key-Keeper” (Piano)

... a deadly Quartet, ready to bomb your party.


The boyz met in Lower Saxony’s Central County jail, spending time for armed robbery and further lower crimes, where they discovered their common interests in Rock and Country music.

After escaping the precinct they are on the run, rare to find. But if you want them, watch out for trouble…and they’ll be around!

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